Add data import in your Laravel application

Add CSV import functionality to your app in minutes. Give users an easy and impressive data import experience.

  • Components for uploads & data management
  • React, Vue 2/3, Livewire, and Blade components
  • Clean UI in TailwindCSS
  • Easy customization
class UsersImport extends ImportFly
    public function columns(): array
        return [

 <livewire:import-fly data="users" />

Give your team the power to build advanced filters in your application with Import Fly.

A beautiful

Import Fly contains a drop-in Livewire, Vue, and React component that allows you to import data from CSVs, XLS(X) to your Laravel app in no time. It's your application, so there is no third-party involved.


column matchings

Using smart text matching, the input file and destination columns are automatically matched. This makes it simple for your users to import complicated files.

Easily define
import schemas

Define import columns for every import data type your application has. Also, define validation rules for each column.



Style the importer component to match your application design.


Listen the event on each row imported or when the import of entire file was done. Control what needs to happen next, email a notification, or send your data to another third-party API.


Where is my data stored?
All uploaded data is stored in the database which has been configured in your Laravel application. You are free to change your connection to another desired database. Your data, your rules!
What file types and sizes do you support?
Our package supports all common formats, including CSV, TSV, and all versions of Excel starting with Excel 1997. Files that are hundreds of MB are supported, but it depends on your server configuration. Read the documentation to see how to configure your server to handle large files.
How customizable is the package?
As much as you want. You can change language strings, pieces of the layout, create custom columns when default columns aren't enough, and much more.
What tech stack is used & what are the requirements?
Back-end only Laravel 8 and above is supported. It also requires PHP 8.0/8.1. The front-end is based on components that are developed in Livewire + Alpine.js, React and Vue 2/3. TailwindSS is used for style, but you are free to use another css framework.
How much does it cost?
The price will be announced in the email sent on launch day. As for licensing, Import Fly uses yearly licenses in the form of one-time purchases. In other words, you'll pay for the license and will receive updates for one year. After the license expires, you'll be able to keep using the last version that was released while your license was active. If you extend your license, you'll get another year of updates.
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